OpcBox Desktop User Manual (pdf)


1. Install cloud service provider desktop client

OpcBox runs side-by-side with Dropbox, Google drive, or other Cloud Storage services. By default OpcBox runs with Dropbox. We make it as smooth as possible to run OpcBox with Dropbox.  Thus Dropbox is highly recommended for OpcBox. We provide instructions on how to run OpcBox with other cloud service providers in a separate manual.

When installing Dropbox, please make sure you accept all default settings. By default, Dropbox creates a “Dropbox” folder in your desktop machine home folder. OpcBox puts its encrypted files into Dropbox’s folder for its operations. 

2. Install Java runtime

OpcBox is coded in Java so it can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. To run it, you need install Java runtime on your desktop machine. Java runtime can be downloaded from here: http://www.java.com/.

3. Download OpcBox

OpcBox exe is a single Java jar file (OpcBox.jar). You can directly download and save it anywhere on your desktop machine (e.g., Windows Desktop).

4.  Repeat step 1 -> 3 on another or multiple computers

OpcBox needs to be installed on another desktop computer for it being used, which works  the same way as Dropbox.

How to use OpcBox

Simply click OpcBox.jar, OpcBox starts working in the background (On mac, an additional step is necessary for running OpcBox.jar at the first time. This is due to Mac only running an App from Mac Appstore by default. Press down "control" key, click OpcBox.jar. A dropdown menu appears. Select "Open",  A dialogue pops up. Then click "Open" on the dialogue to start OpcBox.jar).

1. OpcBox is sitting in the system tray. You can see OpcBox icon (a cute little bee) in the system tray. See below picture.



2. On Windows desktop right click OpcBox icon (or left click on Mac) to open OpcBox context menu. See below picture.



3. Open OpcBox working folder

Click “Open OpcBox folder”,  OpcBox working folder is opened.  See below picture (Click for big picture).


This is where you work with OpcBox most of time. You can move OpcBox folder into Windows file explorer’s “Favorites” sidebar for convenient daily use.

You can do regularly file operations in OpcBox the same way as you use Dropbox folder. When you drop a file in it, this file will securely be synced to all OpcBox folders on other devices.

4. OpcBox sharing folder

4.1 OpcBox leverages Dropbox’s sharing mechanism to carry out its secure sharing functionality. To use this function, click “Set share in sync service folder” on context menu. OpcBox sharing folder is opened. See below.


OpcBox sharing folder lives in Dropbox’s folder. It has exactly the same folder structure as OpcBox working folder. Except for doing folder sharing operation,  please

  • DO NOT do any other operations in OpcBx sharing folders
  • DO NOT touch a folder with the name "=opcbox=". This is a special folder which holds OpcBox internal operation information
OpcBox relies on files in the sharing folder to carry out its secure operations. Most files in OpcBox sharing folder have strange names,  and are not even readable by people.

4.2  To share a folder, right click the folder,  then pick “Sharing this folder…”. See below picture.


4.3 Complete folder sharing at Dropbox website. You can follow steps in Dropbox to share the folder specified in the above step. The instructions on how to do Dropbox folder sharing can be found at Dropbox website: https://www.dropbox.com/help/19/en

4.4 It takes a few minutes for OpcBox completing folder sharing operations. When your folder is shared,  it is represented with a sunshine icon in Windows OS (See picture at Step 3). You then know this folder is shared to other people.

4.5 On other people’s OpcBox, your shared folder sits under folder “FriendsOpcBox” with a folder name obtained from your machine name and shared folder name.  Other people can see your shared files in this folder. See picture.


OpcBox User Tips

1.  Turn off Dropbox notifications

OpcBox creates quite many files during its operations. These files are dropped into Dropbox folders, and Dropbox produces desktop notifications.  This could become an annoyance to a user.  You can turn off Dropbox desktop notification. From desktop system tray, click Dropbox icon,  click setup gear icon. Pick up "Preferences..".  In "General" Tab, uncheck "Show desktop notifications". See picture.


More Questions

Please contact OpcBox team at support@opcbox.com.   Bee.jpg