What is OpcBox?


OpcBox, or obox, is a secure sync tool which works with Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud sync services. OpcBox encrypts files before delivering them to a sync service. This way, no one would be able to get to know the content of these files. These encrypted files will be automatically decrypted by OpcBox at other devices. OpcBox means "Opaque Box", since it works like putting your files into an opaque box before delivering them to cloud sync service.


OpcBox is extremely easy to use. It was designed to let a user free of any inconvenient, painful operations associated with most security related software. No registration, no password, no logon. A simple click is way to go.   

Desktop version of OpcBox can be downloaded from here OpcBox.jar.  OpcBox for Android can also be downloaded from Google Play.

How does OpcBox work?

The unique feature of OpcBox is that a user does not need any hassle operations related to any account and password. That is, OpcBox is password free, which makes OpcBox extremely easy to use, and much more extensible in business environment.

OpcBox is built on public key and private key technology. Each OpcBox client has its own RSA public/private key pairs. When syncing files, each file is individually encrypted by a random AES session key. This provides much stronger protection compared with solutions based on a single master key/password. Each session key is delivered to remote OpcBox clients based on RSA algorithm. Thus, encryption is achieved without any user intervention.

Complicated operations such as Public/Private key management are carried out in distributed manner among OpcBox clients under the cover. No centralized key server is needed for OpcBox. 

A user uses OpcBox folder exactly the same way as other file folders. Underneath, all security functionality are carried out silently by OpcBox in the background. That's what OpcBox is about. Hassle-free at a higher level of security! 

Happy syncing!